Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Wedding of the Year!

Co-owner of Australian label Sabo Skirt, Yiota, is getting married! I was so looking forward to the day as I knew it would be a huge Greek celebration!
So in that case, it was time to get really dressed up and find the perfect outfit! I hadn't dressed in formal attire since my year 12 graduation so I was really excited to get fancy. I have been following the Sydney designer brand Aje on Instagram for quite some time and have just fallen in love with so many of their amazing dresses. This wedding was the perfect occasion to wear one of their beautifully detailed, statement dresses.

Check out their website to see their gorgeous and unique designs at http://a-j-e.com.au/,  or their Instagram account, _aje_

Below are a few of my fav dresses I tried on at the fitting. How I chose just one in the end is still beyond me!

This last one is the dress I decided I just had to have! From the moment I saw it I fell in love. Absolutely incredible is all I can say. Handmade sequin detailing with a gorgeous swirl design in the fabric. Beautifully made and with quality materials.

Now for the wedding day! The magnificent church, beautiful bridesmaids, adorable flower girl, incredible reception, and of course, the stunning bride, was the perfect combination to make this occasion memorable and flawless! One way to describe it would be jaw-dropping.

The Gorgeous Bridesmaids! How incredible do they all look together? The sheer overlay fabric and the head pieces could not be more perfectly matched!

The adorable Bride & Groom

Her dress!!!! What can I say? I am speechless. The most beautiful dress I have ever seen. The detailing was so intricate and delicate. She just looked so unbelievably beautiful!

The two talented designers of the fashion empire, Sabo Skirt! These girls are too amazing for words and two of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Perfectly suited business partners, and even better suited friends and now sisters!

The reception, the food, the speeches and the dancing were a fantastic combination to create a spectacular Greek wedding! 

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  1. Hi, you are stunning! Do you know where the bride's dress from? thanks Maya